The Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) is the peak industry body formed in 1989 to represent and provide support services to Professional Business Brokers involved in the facilitation of Business ownership from one party to another.  The Institute is structured as an Incorporated Association under New South Wales Law and operates individual State (in QLD; NSW; VIC; SA;WA) and professional Special Interest Chapters to oversee local and industry issues.

On a consultative basis, the Institutes Executive bodies and Legal counsel advise and make representations to both State and Federal Governments on matters affecting its Members, the Industry Practices and Consumer Affairs to ensure Best Practices outcomes for all parties. 

Business Brokerage is regarded as the most demanding of all disciplines in the transfer of Assets from one party to another.  It arguably requires the greatest skill set and in this regard the AIBB is the premier provider of Training and Educational programs to its Members to keep them abreast of Industry Trends, Legislation and Best Practices procedures to ensure positive outcomes.

The AIBB has developed and runs its own Industry specific training programs for Business Brokers, which are taught by Industry Leaders and Allied Professionals who are the experts in their respective fields.  By the high accreditation standards set,  the AIBB has been able to 'raise the bar' in the level of competency within its membership base.

The Institute is determined to ensure that the education procedures and best practice standards are maintained to preserve the 'public trust' in members of our profession, and has its own Code of Conduct and Ethics with disciplinary procedures to ensure these high standards are maintained.

The AIBB consistently strives to keep abreast of International trends in the business transfer industry and is an independent Chapter Member of the International Business Brokers Association headquartered in the USA.

Should you have any questions regarding the role of the AIBB or wish advice on any matter relating to business transfer, please contact our Secretariat who will direct your enquiry to the appropriate person.

Secretariat Contact Details

Phone: 1300 79 66 67 / 02 9431 8679 Fax: 02 9431 8677

Email: info@aibb.org.au  


Please forward any correspondence to:

Australian Institute of Business Brokers

PO Box 576, Crows Nest,  NSW 1585