General Questions

What is a Business Broker?

Is a professional who assists buyers and sellers of privately held businesses in the buying and selling process. If you are looking to buy a business they can help you find the right one, and if you are selling they can help you find a buyer.

What is the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB) ?

The Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB™) is the peak industry body formed in 1989 to represent and provide support services to Professional Business Brokers involved in the facilitation of Business ownership from one party to another.  The Institute is structured as an Incorporated Association under New South Wales Law and operates individual State (in QLD; NSW; VIC; SA;WA) and professional Special Interest Chapters to oversee local and industry issues.

What does dealing with an AIBB Member Business Broker mean for buyers and sellers of businesses?

In a word – professionalism. AIBB Member Business Brokers are individuals who specialise in the process of buying and selling businesses.

Where can I find a list of business brokers who are members of the AIBB ?

You can find a list of AIBB Business Brokers here : http://aibbsales.com.au/businessbrokersearch.aspx

About the AibbSales Web Site

What is the difference between businesses for sale on AibbSales and other business-for-sale web portals ?

All the business listings on the AIBBSales web site are listed Business Brokers who are members of the AIBB. Whilst it doesn’t provide guarantee it does mean that you can feel more assured that the business on offer is real, genuine and the figures presented have a greater level of transparency than offerings on some other business for sale web portals.

How can I contact a Business Broker about a listing on the AibbSales web site?

If you have found a business that you are interested in or would like additional information about you can contact the business broker by :

  • using the phone / mobile phone details on the listing,
  • clicking on ‘email me directly’ – this opens a blank email
  • using the contact form on the relevant listing


What is a Client on the AibbSales web site?

A client is someone who is interested in buying or selling a business. You may be just getting started or ready to make an investment decision right now. Registering as a client will allow you to set up business listing alerts that will let you know about new businesses that met your interest / location as soon as they are listed on the AibbSales web site.

How can I find a business for sale listing on the web site?

If you know the name or specific information about a business listed you can locate it by typing into the search bar on the front page of the AibbSales web site. You can also search and filter by location and industry category from the front page, or to refine your results after your initial search.

Where do the listings on the AibbSales web site come from ?

All business listings on the AibbSales web site are made by business brokers who are members of the AIBB.

If I register as a client on the AibbSales web site, is my information secure, and will I get spammed?

AIBBSales collects the minimum amount of information from you to be able to communicate information relevant to buying and selling a business. This information is never shared or sold.

How to I register to receive notification of new business listings that I am interested in ?

Select your preference of location, industry and business type, and price range to receive immediate email notification of new business for sale listings.

Business Brokers

Do I need to be an AIBB Member to set up an account?

AibbSales is a web site for AIBB Members to list their businesses for sale. You can view the terms and conditions that apply here : http://aibb.org.au/pdf/AIBB%20Sales%20Site%20Terms%20and%20Conditions%20Form.pdf

Any business or individual in the business brokering industry can set up an account on AibbSales. However to list businesses for sale you will need to have at least one AIBB Member Broker working in the business.

How Do I Apply for AIBB Membership ?

You can find the AIBB Membership application form here http://www.aibb.org.au/join.php

How do I register my business on AibbSales?

You can complete an application form for an Account on AibbSales here : http://aibbsales.com.au/RegisterBusiness.aspx

How do I add my business-for-sale listings to the AIBBSales web site

Once your business administration account is registered, you will be able to set up a list of AIBB Member business brokers that will allow you to list businesses for sale that will appear on the AibbSales web site, AibbSales Blog and AibbSales Social Media.

Can I add business listings via XML feed from another source?

Yes, AibbSales supports XML feed ins from several Australian and New Zealand property portals including Subtle and Agentpoint.

What advertising opportunities are there on the AibbSales web site?

There are several on site and off site advertising placement opportunities to further promote your business broking business.

These include:

  • Advertising Banners in Search Results (targeted placement available by location, or by industry sector)
  • Adverts in New Business Listing Alerts
  • Adverts in Blog and Social Media Posts
  • Placement in the Featured Broker section on the front page

Please send your advertising enquiry to info@aibb.org.au

Can my Business for Sale Listings on AibbSales be used on my own businesses web site?

There are a range of options available to embed your business listings on AibbSales into your web site or social media channel. Please send your enquiry to info@aibb.org.au

Business Owners

How do I find a Business Broker to help me sell my business?

AIBB Member Brokers can be found by searching here: http://aibbsales.com.au/businessbrokersearch.aspx

Media & Partnership Enquiries

Where can I access information about business sales in Australia and New Zealand?

The AIBB has several sources of information available on business sales in Australia and New Zealand, please contact the AIBB info@aibb.org.au with your enquiry.

What Opportunities are there to promote products and/or services to the AibbSales audience?

If you have a product or service that is relevant to business buyers and would like to promote it on the AibbSales web site please contact the AIBB info@aibb.org.au